Jugg Harden Delivers His Prolific New Project Called “Young N Havin”


Jugg Harden is a name that rings through Detroit and if he isn’t on your radar already, he will be after this one. Young N Havin is a nineteen-cut opus filled with a wide variety of sounds all brought to us by Jugg at the helm of the ship. With features from Skilla Baby, Babyfxce E and Allstar JR, and GT, Harden truly assembled some of Michigan’s best.

A big theme in this project is cohesion. The sequencing is damn near flawless, allowing the momentum to be built from the start to the apex. However, it doesn’t feel like there’s any coming down once it hits the rafters. Jugg gifts unwavering confidence paired with his raspy, smokey tone melded atop stellar production. “The Convo” flowing into “STFU” and then into “Wake up” is the wheelhouse of the album, though no cut lags behind the rest.

Overall it shouldn’t come as any sort of surprise that Jugg is on his way to mainstream notoriety. You can hear the focus and hunger in his voice making for an authentic batch of songs. Harden knows nothing other than what he’s lived and what the future holds is nothing too difficult to conquer. Do yourself a favor and peep the gas below.


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