Jeezle Petes

Ah yes, yet another wonderful day in a world that’s falling apart. The only thing having me hold onto reality is the blessings of music each day. We have put together a list of four diverse moments that may make your existential crises ease up a bit. Be well, we safe and be kind and we’ll talk to you soon.

Los Kemet – Jules Winnfield

Los is one of those artists who deserves much respect and attention. His newest video for “Jules Winnfield” takes inspiration and follows the lead of Pulp Fiction. Though the video is brilliant, it doesn’t make the mistake of outshining the song. Instead, it only accents the music and allows the viewer to stay glued to their screen. Los doesn’t waver with his delivery and baritone tonality, he’s as focused as ever in his pristine auditory pocket. Los Kemet is a name to know, don’t sleep.

Hidden Renaiassance – BA SING SE

A good friend and a trusted ear sent this project to me, so I had to take the time. Hidden Renaissance dropped off their project BA SING SE, a collective-based record with a sundry of artists on it. In their own words, the group described what this project consists of, “BA SING SE is our largest project ever. Over 200 artists competed to be on it, making more than 300 songs in 2 months. Organized into teams led by captains, they became more than just competitors but friends and comrades in music.” This collective of art was thoroughly curated by these artists only showcasing how great music can become when it’s built by a real community. These 24 cuts will bestow a feeling of wholeness and cohesion allowing for the ear to run away into shining bliss. Take some time with this one, it’ll be worth it.

Michal Micahl & Savthegenius – Don’t Blame The Kids

Michal Michal is back on our pages and this time it’s with the assistance from SavThegenius on their cut “don’t blame the kids”. Atop an infectious sample, we hear our protagonist deliver his boasts with swift precision. I love it when the melding of the cadence pairs with the mood of the flip because it creates a pocket that you don’t come across much anymore. The style is reminiscent of the early mixtape era waves, like Mac, Wiz and Spitta, but with a modern twist. Michal is becoming more confident behind the microphone and this is great example of that. Instead of trying to be an artist he’s not, this man is focused on building his own legacy the only way he knows how. Authentically and truly himself. “don’t blame the kids” is heat, don’t sleep.

Shotgun Willy – Bombs Away

Shotgun Willy is one of the most abstract artists that we’ve posted in the past few months, but regardless we are here to be entertained. Aside from the fact that the thumbnail looks insane, the video is even more out of left field. We see Willy with a large amount of facial hair come flying into the frame atop what seems like nuclear bombs. We remind you that this is fun music and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Instead, the focus is to make fans stay glued to their screens and Willy does just that. He vivaciously delivers his sermon, while the thematics give off a Wes Anderson feel. Shotgun Willy is out of his mind in the best way possible.


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