OnlyBino Delivers His Stunning New Project Called “DAVINCI”


Bino is truly one of the best in the underground, but his aspirations fly much farther than that. His sound is refreshing but still basks in modern styling from top to bottom. And on Davinci, we are gifted 15 new cuts that showcase a diverse side of all of Bino’s talents. With electric, boisterous bops like “Rich Ho” and “3D” the fans are given what they all know and love from our protagonist.

A big theme of this project is real cohesion between the tracks. The sequencing of each song flows right into the next avoiding any monotony that might be present. Regardless cuts like “It’s That Deep”, “Freebino Freestyle” and “Center Stage” stand out as personal favorites, but there isn’t a song or streak that lags behind the rest. Onlybino! will have a breakthrough year in 2024 and this is only the beginning.


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