Kaelin Ellis Shows Why The Funk Will Prevail On his New Album


Kaelin Ellis has been on a masterful run of great music for some time. So leading up to the release of his album, THE FUNK WILL PREVAIL. I was genuinely excited to hear what he had in store for us. This project is one of a kind, and an album that I feel will set the stage for higher heights for Kaelin. The instrumentation on the songs is impressive, and I honestly can comprehend how talented one person can be! Also, I love the cover art!

Some of my favorite cuts are “Lil Bit”, “Get Right!”, and “Slanky”. The collaborators on the project all highlight the production on the records and even add their tastes to them. This is a special moment for Kaelin, and I’m excited to see what happens next in his career because of this project.



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