Undiscovered Gems: Yung Sinn Is Slaughter Gang’s Next Star


Yet another artist from Georgia who’s making a real name for himself before the storm. The flood gates are about to open when the mainstream gets hip to Yung Sinn, but they might be a bit startled by his brutal portrayal of life. “Central Dr Freestyle” is one of the best releases of the year off the strength that it feels effortless. Sinn doesn’t need to ask for forgiveness, he essentially takes us along for a day on his side.

With his friends in the backdrop and a beverage or two, we see the ominous frames bleed through the screen. K. Nash handled the footage but truly allowed Sinn to keep our attention from start to finish. The chosen cadence adds a bounce you can’t find anywhere else other than in Stone Mountain. It’s wild to me that people are critical of southern rap because this is real fucking talent to be able to float like this. This kid’s gonna be around for a long time so peep the gas below.


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