Kansas City Rapper TXYLOR Drops Off His Alluring New Project, “Before Chronicle”


In the era of Beyonce’s internet, almost every single rapper has tried to drop a project out of thin air, hoping the surprise would generate a one-of-a-kind experience (& promo) similarly to what Bey’s self-titled surprise project did in 2013. Likewise, almost every rapper has had their feelings hurt when the project comes and goes, and they realize that they aren’t Beyonce… shocker. So for me, it’s always nice to see an artist build up and create an anticipation for a forthcoming project, in an effort to maximize it’s outreach. Hailing from Kansas City, ascending lyricist TXYLOR does just that, as he gives us a taste of his upcoming album in the from of his new mixtape, Before Chronicle.

At 13-tracks, I came across this project–and it’s purpose–and was a bit intrigued by the fact that this was a preview to the album, yet, it was so long. Almost instantly, my questions were answered as TXYLOR came on immediately and showed he had bars for days, literally. With his pen no longer in question, I then began to listen to his ability to create around those raps. While some of the tracks got a bit stagnant, songs like “GO,” “Move Around,” and “4 Me” highlight exactly why his forthcoming album is garnering anticipation, packaging his pen, knack for melodies and sheer charisma into a 3-song-run that probably should’ve been an EP of it’s own. Regardless, Before Chronicle is a solid exploration of diverted creativity, one that might be essential in finishing his album.

Check out, Before Chronicle below, and get familiar with TXYLOR.


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