Kenny Mason Finally Unleashes The Visuals For His Breakout Smash “Hit”


There are some people in the world who don’t appreciate a great song about scamming, then there are also those who haven’t lost their shit to this song yet. Atlanta’s Kenny Mason has set the industry and underground ablaze as of late and it’s only a matter of time until the world gets hip to this kid as well.

“Hit” is about the sheer joy watching that money magically appear into your count after the mission is completed. The electric cadences atop nearly minimalist instrumentation, equates to a heavy opus brimming with confidence. Mason can deliver bellowing performances, commanding attention from anyone in the venue. Follow these frames through Atlanta to capture Kenny and his friends in their environment, with an abundance of vivid shots throughout. There’s an energy following this Bricofleur movement, pay attention folks.

Director: Nasser Boulaich
Producer: Aditya Pamidi

1st AC: Benji Flores
Production Coordinator: Noah Zark
PA: Jordan Li / DvDx
Scout: Vonta Worldwide

Colorist: Patrick Samaniego
Editor: Nasser Boulaich


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