One Week Later: Quin NFN’s New Project “4NUN” Breaks The Boundaries Of Southern Hip-Hop


Austin, Texas isn’t exactly revered for it’s rap scene but Quin NFN is here to break the mold and push the boundaries. Quin has had a stellar past couple of years and now his efforts are truly turning into hits. His consistent ability has grown since songs like “Lil Gangsta” and “J4YN”. With a more refined sound, Quin is making the strides to be one of the rising stars in rap today. At just 18-years-old, this man is curating a career that will last for decades. With his new project entitled 4NUN, we get ten flagrant heaters that each possess a different style.

“Talkin My Shit” starts things off in a very arrogant way, but the blend of Quin’s ruckus styling and bellowing bass makes for a wild mood. Now once you bring the electricity on the intro track, the rest of the project has to continue the same, and boy does it satisfy our auditory cravings.

Quin has a couple radio hits on his hands with the obvious “Poles” featuring NLE Choppa and “Hold You Down” with PnB Rock. “Poles” is full of vivacity in which Quin and Choppa freely build off of. This one will go crazy in the clubs for a while. “Hold You Down” is a song for the ladies, letting Rock croon his way to their hearts with a truly memorable chorus. Quin really shines because of his fluidity and his divergent talents with each beat.

Songs like “The Real” and “Broadday” take their time but they don’t lose the gutter edge we know and love. His genuine thoughts bleed through on “The Real” where he also speaks on the plague of inauthentic rappers in these current streams. All he wants is the artists to rap about actions they actually participate in and I think we can all agree with that.

“Stay Down” is a wondrous cut about reflection that allows Quin to croon with his southern twang. The focus is to make a way out for himself and his family, proving that loyalty is some of the best fuel to make the fire crackle. It’s very rare that I don’t get bored throughout a project, but Quin has showed his strengths on each side of this opus. To find a young artist with such drive and a sundry of styles is few and far between. The future is looking bright for Quin NFN, stay tuned for more gas from the Chiefers gang and stream 4NUN below.


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