Kevin Kazi Kicks Off 2020 With His Melodic New Single, “Poison”


Atlanta is one of the most exciting scenes in all of Rap right now, and it’s not because of the names you would think of at first. Yes, Young Thug, Future, Migos and all the rest of the heavyweights are more relevant than ever, but it’s the underground scene that has been all of the rage in The Peach State. Spearheaded by artists and producers like Kenny Mason, Wiley From Atlanta, Popstar Benny and more, the underground scene has provided a refreshing contrast to the trap-heavy sounds coming from their counterparts. Another artist that has helped pave the way in that area has been Kevin Kazi. Kicking his year off the right way, he says hello to 2020 with his engaging new single, “Poison.”

Produced by Skress and Mochila, almost immediately, the combination of the melodic production and Kazi ridiculously infectious tone capture you, strap you in and keep you there for the next two-and-a-half minutes. Rhyming about a toxic love that’s beginning to reveal it’s true face, Kazi struggles between letting her go, or giving into the temptation, which comes with temporary satisfaction, but also a lot of baggage. Utilizing auto-tune to his advantage, he showcases a poise that not everybody has when using the feature, creating a melodic tone that he wields throughout the record to keep the listener hypnotized.

With such an emphatic statement to start the year off, we should start to see Kevin Kazi move toward that mainstream Big League that we were talking about. Until then, enjoy the ascension, accompanied by, “Poison,” below.


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