One Week Later: “Icey Baby” Is The Magnificent Brain-Child From Baby Plug And Yung Icey


Yung Icey is a genius maestro who is ahead of the curve in just about every aspect of his hustle. It’s really a true talent to know which artists will work best with each variety of instrumentation. Icey has bridged the gap from South Carolina to Atlanta, tapping in with one if the cities most exciting up and coming rappers, Baby Plug.

If you’re a fan of rugged, southern hip-hop with no frills or gimmicks, Icey Baby is the project for you. Even though this compilation is a brief five tracks long, the quality does not dwindle. Kicking things off with the aptly titled “Icey”, we are hypnotized by middle-eastern wind instruments, a top a full blend of precise percussion. This will cause you to hit that stank face when the drums drop. The kicks are spaced apart to accent Plug’s unique cadence and his raspy tone puts us in a zone.

“Spider” is the second cut on this opus and it continues the sick momentum. Icey‘s use of this muffled-horn sample, or whatever it may be, starts the mania and enhances it. The way the beat cohesively builds around Baby Plug‘s voice only adds to the simple fact, that Icey is a real producer. Plug gives us his verses and the chorus in different registers that both evoke a heavy protruding energy.

At the halfway point Plug shows us a more heart-felt side with “Feel”. It doesn’t lose any strength, if anything it only adds to his authenticity and takes us along for a momentary glimpse into his story.

The only feature on here is Lil Scrappy, which is actually fire to see a rising rapper get the co-sign from another Atlanta legend. Scrappy really bars out and adds to the rich, electric energy that Plug sets up. Baby Plug‘s auto-tuned, melodic waves are very braggadocios and arrogant in the best ways. Icey has been the consistent piece making this project meld and all of the beats are stupid good.

Now rounding out the album, “No Redlights” is a new variation of the classic Atlanta bounce. This is a great song to leave listeners with, not only because of the colorful production, but Baby Plug’s vocals bring true joy to your day. It preaches an energy of resilience and helps you push through your problems. Music like this can bring so many different people together and these two created a true masterpiece. Icey we’ll never get sick of the sounds, thanks for linking up with Baby Plug, now tap into the madness below.


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