Kevin Sinatra Delivers His New Album “Lord Frio The Lone Wolf”


Kevin Sinatra is a name that rings in the realms of the underground, but his unconventional sound basks alone. His newest album Lord Frio The Lone Wolf is one of complex glory. There are many tastes and flavors in this project, but there isn’t any time to lose interest. In fourteen different cuts, the world is shown shades and varietals that should impress the ear.

“Chrome Hearts” with Belis and Soduh is a great cut, but “Cardoza” stands out to be the personal favorite. With guest appearances from Hasani, Brandon Woody and Galvez, these moods are vicious and push the boundaries of creativity. Kevin might not have been on our radar before, but his offering of music has won over the people. So until the next batch of gas, get hip to this man below.


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