Kid Joi Officially Sets Herself Apart With Incredible Heavy-Hitter, “Bad Lil Vibe”


At this point, if you haven’t heard the name Kid Joi yet, you’re late. Being one of the brightest hidden gems in the music industry right now, Kid Joi has yet to let up on the gas ever since she started releasing music last year. Being only 17-years-old from Detroit, the passion in her vocals is simply jaw-dropping, garnering the attention from many very important heads in the industry already. It’s honestly really hard to imagine music with such power, emotion, and melodic complexity coming from a kid so young and pure-hearted. That’s how you know it’s truly raw, undeniable talent.

Following up her last Audiomack Trending single strong, Kid Joi brings the heat with “Bad Lil Vibe.” Starting off slow before delivering a mind-boggling hook fused with rap and melodic notes, Kid Joi comes fast out the gate proving her abilities to really get versatile. The music is just absolutely remarkable. It’s blatantly obvious during each listen that Kid Joi is not just any aspiring artist; this girl is special. In fact, with her having only less than a year of time in the industry under her belt, I can’t even begin to imagine how far this thing can go as she continues to hustle and develop as an artist.

If you’re lagging behind, Kid Joi‘s “Bad Lil Vibe” is a great place to start catching up. After hearing that, you’ll almost be forced to dive into the rest of her discography, after that instant hit of that dopamine you get when you realize you just stumbled on a REAL hidden gem starts to come on. Shit, you might even become a fan for life. I know I did.


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