LA Collective grouptherapy. Releases New EP “Truth Be Told”


Go to therapy so the kids don’t have to.

With music yearning for an exciting new collective, LA-based creative trio grouptherapy. is offering a refreshing and innovative take on what it means to be a group. Consisting of Jadagrace, SWIM, and TJOnline, the only thing more impressive than their individual talents is their group efforts, from production to creative direction to music they’ve given their creative take and thrived in every medium of modern arts. 

The three recently released their first EP of the year titled “Truth Be Told” and it’s the most refreshing sound I’ve heard in a long time. Covering every genre from rap to pop to alternative, grouptherapy. truly can’t be boxed in. The punchy flows and clever lyricism paired alongside the upbeat and fun production, provided by TJOnline and Dee Lilly, makes for infectious energy surrounding every track. 

It’s not common for you to come across something as exciting and attention-grabbing as grouptherapy. and I can’t wait to see where they take this collective and their individual endeavors. 


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