Phoenix James Releases New Single, “Peace”


19-year-old Miami-based singer/songwriter Phoenix James just came out with her first single of the year and she’s definitely coming into this year looking to make a statement. The stunning and soulful vocals paired with the hypnotic guitar loop in the back pair for a beautiful track from start to finish and definitely one of the most promising up and coming artists as she’s truly creating a lane of her own. Not only does Phoenix write her tracks, she’s also produced a majority of them.

If you’ve kept up with Chiefers I’m sure you notice this may be a bit off from our typical curation, but let that go to show that the talent behind Phoenix James is truly undeniable and there is no ceiling on how far she can take it. This is definitely one of the most exciting new artists I’ve found this year and make sure to check out the track below. 


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