Las Vegas Artist Asaiah Ziv Connects With Keith Canva$ For His Emphatic New Single


Photo by Jordan Colby.

Hip-Hop’s obsession with late Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain is well documented. His influence can be found everywhere from the clothes, to the clout glasses and everything in between. One area that doesn’t seem to be taken from, though, has been his music. Maybe it’s because of the difference in genre, but it always felt like his influence was more external than internal… until you come across Asaiah Ziv. Taking the obsession just a step further, Ziv sounds like Hip-Hop’s reincarnation of Cobain, and he showcases the similarities on his new single, “Tipsy.”

Serving as the first single for his aptly titled EP, Trap Cobain, “Tipsy” is a fun, energetic record, sonically, that does not feel that way once you dive into the lyrics. Utilizing his genius ability to make his sorrow and poignant lyrics sound like one big party, this is where Cobain and Ziv meet. The whole world was watching Cobain self-destruct in real time as we took his cries for help and turned them into chart-topping singles. In the smallest sense, “Tipsy,” feels derivative of that notion, and it makes Ziv‘s music feel all the more real, and relatable.

Be sure to take a listen to the single below, and get familiar with Asaiah Ziv, if you aren’t already. His next EP, Trap Cobain, is set to drop on 2/28.


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