Poundside Pop And His Crew Snap With “Zoo Gang Vol. 1”


It hasn’t been long since we’ve covered Philadelphia’s Poundside Pop, and today he’s back again. This time, he’s earned a spot on our pages for his group project with his clique, ZooGang Vol. 1.

Poundside Pop found a place on all ten tracks within ZooGang‘s ZooGang Vol. 1, and it’s no surprise that he serves such an important role with the group. The young artist is one of our favorite up-and-comers here at Daily Chiefers. With ZooGang Vol. 1, he does a great job of introducing fellow up-and-comers TrapSt KevZooGang SaniFat Nif, and Diamond Street Keem. Pop wasn’t the only one to shine on this project; I now have high hopes for everybody within ZooGang and the additional music that they’re sure to be releasing in the future. Some of my favorites off of the project include “Zoo”, “Family”, “Hot”, “Roc A Fella”, “5real” and “A Way Out”. You can hear the hunger in all of ZooGang‘s voices. It’s clear they know what they’re after, and they want it bad. I found myself remarkably excited as I browsed all ten tracks. These five artists are clearly about to make a big name for themselves and are sure to find their proper place within the music scene. This is just the start. I’d advise anybody reading this to understand just how impressive their musical ability is. Don’t become a bandwagoner later on. Show support now when it’s needed most, and stream ZooGang‘s debut project below.


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