Las Vegas’ Own papichuloteej Drops Off A Fire New Two Song EP Entitled “Homecoming”


Featured Image By @Yoshiseye

papichuloteej is one of those artists who can translate incredibly well to a wide variety of listeners. His tone is so smooth and soothing to the ear, while his songwriting makes a solid connection to his fan base. In this instance Homecoming is a two-song EP, which is a pair of soon-to-be hits. “Do Better” starts things off with infectious guitar chords and a mid-tempo set of percussion. Teej’s cadence makes it very easy to remember his music, but it never gets dumbed down.

“Burn In The Sun” is just as passionate, but touches more on his heartbreaks. A certain feeling of resentment and essentially just giving up on someone who consistently let him down. The self-loathing is a very relatable feeling for the world, but Teej breaks through to the other side. The duality of these songs are quite impressive, plus this guy sounds like a well-tuned machine. We’re fans of Teej and all he brings to the table, until the next release peep his latest below.


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