Richmond, Virginia’s StaySolidRocky Is Back Again With His Visuals For “Viola”


StaySolidRocky has had a wild ride through 2020. Today he’s on our pages with his newest set of visuals for the cut “Viola”. “Party Girl” is an international hit and truly solidified that this guy can make a smash. Past all of the tik-tokers and influencers, you have to understand the complexities of Rocky’s vocal approach that makes him popular.

The harmonizing and layering of his vocals adds another prominent piece to his strengths. There are a lot of new artists who can’t even train their voice to layer in that manner and would never even try to accomplish the feat. It’s very similar to what Melly does, but with his own subtle twist. On “Viola” Rocky crafts a laid-back pocket and conducts traffic in that lane. The calm and collected approach is seeming to win him ball games, so why change up the formula. These shots were handled by DevKameraJawn, which showcase Rocky in the most vivid lights to add some flare to the screen. We tell you about these things, because artists like this are special and will be around for a while. Until the next wave, tap in below.


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