Life Gets Easier When You Start Trying Harder


A reoccurring theme in my life has always seemed to be the consistent effort or quite literally lack thereof, that I put into things I care about. I have this hyper-obsession with hobbies or jobs for a few months and then I grow stagnant when I see s a slight semblance of results. There hadn’t been a consistent push of focus from me for a good 27 years of my life. Not to say I didn’t accomplish anything along the way, but I know that I wasn’t living up to my true potential.

When I took the time to make a real commitment to what I love to do, which is helping artists grow to heights they hadn’t before, I have seen some pretty cool things come from it. Though I am thoroughly stoked about this run over the past few months, I still look at myself as a tiny pebble in the ecosystem. All I’m trying to convey is that you can do what you thought was impossible five years ago, you just have to focus, work and live in the moment. Take on new trials, challenge yourself, and don’t be fucking lazy. If you fail, that’s great you’re learning. I’m nearly 30 and I’ve taken so many L’s you’d ask why I keep pushing. These articles are more like an open-ended journal, shining what goes on in my chaotic mind.

These artists below are either stars already or possess the potential to go the distance. I’ve chosen them because their sounds have inspired the masses or my pallet as well. I’ll talk to you soon, but remember that life gets better when you start trying harder.

Chelsea Pastel – Can’t Stop Shit

Chelsea is a Cleveland representative and she gifts unrelenting confidence in her newest frames for “Can’t Stop Shit”. With stellar precision, Pastel unveils cadences to satisfy any satiated ear drum. This young woman is onto something serious, she just needs a hit to bleed through. Stay tuned for more from one of the brightest from Ohio.

Dyl Dion – Under Your Weather

Dyl Dion is going to be a household name. His tone is so seasoned, it’s astounding that this young man is still in his adolescent years. Even though the wave is relaxed, it holds bubbly energy that infects your memory but cradles it with joy. Dion might be the next Mayer, Styles or whoever, but I think Dyl just wants to be himself. Painting the path with his own story and talents is way more impressive either way. Get acquainted to this genius above.

MVW and Desiigner – Mobb Ties

Desiigner links with producer, MVW for the ominous new cut called “Mobb Ties”. The instrumentation that MVW curated for this is nothing short of brilliant. Residing in the already dimly lit mood, Desiigner accentuates the subtle, yet billowing bass. I think in the game momentum takes away from the conversation of true talents. Desiigner never stopped being talented, the momentum just stopped growing. Nonetheless, he’s back in the conversation, so peep this gas above.

Kodie Shane – Love Roulette

What can we say about Kodie that hasn’t already been said. She is a true rockstar, but has conquered so many different genres of music. Love Roulette is a cornucopia of talents and shades of styles that will impress. Anytime she steps into the spotlight people are drawn to her gifts. Her team is an all-star cast that moves in the shadows all while making the plays to build a legacy. “Sober” is my favorite, but “Schedule” speaks to me as well. Don’t do yourself a disservice and peep the opus above.

Flight Crew – First Class

Flight Crew might be one of the most diverse, yet overlooked production squadron in music. Their talents are in abundance, but they seem to move with a silent confidence. In just 11 tracks you hear a hyperpop album, but if it got the steriod injection. This may disorient you in the best way and it’s truly a grassroots movement with their process. Flight Crew is going to be around in the game for a while so tap into the gas above.

Alonzo Fibonacci Featuring Bay-C, 7xvethegenius, GQ, Kieda Bordeaux

Alonzo was on our pages a few months back and the maestro has formed another legion of legends. This is rare that I ever tap into some quintessential golden-era rap nowadays, but I’d figure there’s always an audience for this type of wave. Bay-C, 7xvethegenius, GQ, and Kieda Bordeaux all add to the collaborative bliss. Life is truly but a “Dream” so be merry and roll one to the za above.


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