Reeves Junya Drops New Project “Music Is My Girlfriend 4”


According to Reeves Junya, he’s been in a relationship with music ever since 2011. What started as a title for one of his first projects has now evolved into a full-blown series, with the latest entry being delivered last month. The Minneapolis rapper is back with the 4th entry in the series Music Is My Girlfriend 4, and I can tell you right now it definitely doesn’t disappoint. The album has a 17-song tracklist and clocks in at about 51 minutes long.

Right off the jump, the first track had me going crazy. Reeves Junya goes off on “10 Songs in a Day”, spitting bar after bar about how he’s going up in his career and how he’s making it out the mud. He raps over a pretty chill guitar instrumental which allows the listener to fully take in the bars he’s spitting. “Black Belt” is also a banger, opening up with a nice little RiFF RAFF reference. It’s a good track with some great bars and great production, what else could you ask for. My favorite track off the album is without a doubt “Wikipedia”. Reeves Junya goes all out with the vocals on this track, and it meshes perfectly with the guitar-heavy production. The track is extremely catchy. Finally, “Call Me Back” was another big standout for me. My favorite part of this track is the drum-heavy production and the way that the bass meshes perfectly with Reeves Junya‘s voice. I’m linking Music Is My Girlfriend 4 down below, check it out and let me know how you’re feeling!


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