T$AN Is Back In Business With New Album “Til The Death Of Me”


Philadelphia is a major hot-spot for many hip-hop artists, being the home to rappers such as Meek Mill, Lil Uzi Vert, and PnB Rock to name a few. The latest name to be added to the plethora of greats from Philly is T$AN. We’ve covered T$AN here on Chiefers many times before, so I’m sure all of the real Chiefers fans are hip to him, but he just dropped his new album “Til the Death of Me” and I just had to come on here and point out some of my favorite tracks.

The album starts off with the introduction track, rightly titled “Introduction”. It’s a chill banger that eases us into the album and paves the way for one of my favorite tracks on the project, “Went Up!”. Right off the bat this track is absolute mayhem. You press play and you’re immediately engulfed in a beat that will encapsulate your eardrums. T$AN goes crazy on the hook, talking about how his prices have gone up now that he’s gaining traction and becoming more successful. After a few more tracks we come to “Rn”, a track with some heavy drums that had me jumping off the first listen. T$AN‘s vocals on this track are also crazy, and the effects used on his voice really standout. Track 11 is also one of my favorites, and sports the only feature on the album which comes from the one and only Lancey Foux. The track gives off a chiller vibe and is a nice contrast from some of the other tracks on the album. The T$AN and Lancey Foux duo is also super fire, and their voices complement each other really well. The album ends off with “Heart&Soul”, which serves as the perfect conclusion. On the track T$AN spits bars about how he’s put his heart and soul into his career and how he’s going to keep going harder and harder. Overall, this album is great and definitely worth a listen. Check it out down below and stay locked into Chiefers for the latest on T$AN and everything else hip-hop.


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