Lil Bean Flows Effortlessly in Visual for “Sold Out Dates”


San Francisco rapper Lil Bean flows effortlessly in his latest visual for “Sold Out Dates.” I’ve heard Lil Bean before but this song along with his project “Forever Grateful” has made me a fan. Embracing his west coast roots while still showcasing his own personality, Lil Bean is something special. For this one SparkyMadeItSlap produced this unorthodox beat that only a few could body. Keeping the lyrics real and being an authentic rapper the way that Lil Bean flows throughout this track is so smooth. Hitting the delivery perfectly and following it up with bar after bar it’s real rap. 

For the video Jay Pusha shot it. Showing Lil Bean cutting in and out of a dream state and reality he’s trying to separate the real from the fake. The high quality and eye-catching looks also keep the viewer entertained throughout. “Sold Out Dates” might be one of my favorite tracks I’ve heard this year, check out the video below. 



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