Shut Up Idiot, A Lunchable Is A Balanced Meal


The Lunchable is a rich piece of American culture and it might be one of the last things to be proud of during the bleakest of days. It has sparred with the hands of time for decades and continues to clog my arteries while simultaneously curing my stressors. More specifically the pizza Lunchable and sometimes when I’m feeling like a bad bitch, I pass on the pepperoni because it doesn’t seem like a good thing for my pores. These are the thoughts you have as you float throughout each year, but why does something so horrid soothe my soul?

Because the taste hasn’t changed. It’s been the same breakdown for a quarter of a century and they are one of the few food products that haven’t skimped out on quantity. Capri Suns are ever so dank, plus you get a Crunch or an Airhead, and you timewarp back to a simpler headspace. Consistency is all we look for in this human experience and you have to grasp onto it whenever you can. Though it might be a metaphor for life in general to seek things that might not be consistent as first, but nevermind, these dabs are at the helm of the ship. Let’s avoid some semantics and get to the music.

2oo7 – Touch Me

2oo7 consists of DivineDevine and Shai Nowell. An eclectic pairing gifting the world abundance in the form of their video for “Touch Me”, which exudes an energy from yesteryear. As Divine paints her sermon in the sky, Shai steadily keeps our tempo with his poignant chords. The breakdown is so beautiful and will impress anyone who comes into contact with this wave. This is off the new album RIOT OF THE KELLY GREEN LOVE, so peep that and this brilliant batch of gas above.

Justend Featuring Joe Aste – Blue Lung

This feels like Jack Johnson, but if he did an 8er of shrooms and continued on his way. I hope they takes that as a compliment because I meant it as such. Justend and Joe Aste come together for “Blue Lung” a laid-back groove achieving some zen for your afternoon. We need music like this as an auditory palate cleanser, and to cut through the overbearing pitch-correction our world is plagued with. This was a joy to hear, delve in above.

Kear – Wassup

Kear is one of my favorite young artists coming out of Philly right now and her choice of production on this one sets the scene. With the assist from sadbalmain and snoozedxx, the lucid backdrop allows Kear‘s hypnotic tone to accentuate the percussion. This feels like a newer version of the Hooks, BKs and Tierras, but Kear doesn’t worry about following any path other than her own. Give this one a shot above.

Zelly Ocho – GERMS

Zelly pairs with the good bros over at Soul Serum and John Buchanan turns our world as we know it upside down. I saw these guys earlier in the evening but had no idea this was the plan to translate into the night. “GERMS” is disgustingly good and Zelly has truly come into his own as of late. Though if you are hip to what this man has been building over the past few years, this shouldn’t come as any surprise. The modernized sound of the mainstream is finally settling on what Zelly coins as his bread and butter. Unbridled energy, chaotic simplicity, and just good fucking music.

League Featuring J. Gray – A7

League and J. Gray round out this week with their video for “A7” and it brims with Houston-inspired production. From the dirty cups to the hues of the lighting, it’s a slowed-down mood that doesn’t lose your attention. With direction from Fresh Gresh, we see some crisp edits to accompany the cool and collected sounds. This is the bonus track off the Young Kobe EP and we might add that this one slaps. Do yourself a favor and peep all of this above.


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