Lil Crank Keeps His Foot On The Gas With “Roger That”


Lil Crank has his foot on the gas right now. Since dropping his debut mixtape Crank Mode last September, the Cobb County rapper and DJ Holiday protégé has nurtured his regional buzz with a steady stream of singles and visuals. On top of his prolificacy, Crank keeps getting better. You can hear him sharpening his focus and growing into his voice with each new release.

On his recent single “Roger That”, the nineteen-year-old serves up cold truths about the cruelty and treachery of his environment. His enemies want him dead, his peers keep snitching, and his parole officer won’t let him have a gun. Crank raps with feverish emotion, but he writes about the injustice of his situation with skepticism and steely clarity. “I know these streets don’t show no love, ain’t no strings attached.” Check out the Conceited Cameraman-directed video below.


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