Lil Mexico And Slimelife Shawty Link Up To Drop “Bad Habits”


We just had a major Only The Family link-up happen! Lil Mexico and Slimelife Shawty have just linked up to drop a banger single. If you aren’t hip to these two artists, they’re both a part of Lil Durk‘s Only The Family label and have both been killing it recently. The new single is titled “Bad Habits”, and I hope it marks the start of a very long and fruitful partnership.

I’ve been trying to decide who was the more standout rapper on the track, but it’s impossible. Both Slimelife and Mexico complement each other so well. The hook delivered by Lil Mexico is infectious and will find a way to creep into your head and get stuck there. The verse by Slimelife Shawty serves as an ode to his bad habits and has him rapping about his personal life and the things he’s been through. Production on this track is also great. A mellow, relaxing beat goes hand-in-hand with the beautiful vocals from both artists. My favorite part was the violin loop, it definitely standouts. I’ve linked “Bad Habits” down below, check it out!


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