Lil Rae Shines In New Track “Wicked West”


Today’s article brings me back to the age-old question, why does Atlanta produce some of the most fire rappers to ever exist? The city is home to the likes of legendary artists such as Young Thug, Lil Baby, 21 Savage, and Future. Now it’s time for the Atlanta youth to rise up and follow in their footsteps, and Lil Rae is an artist that does exactly that.

Straight off the bat, Lil Rae stands out to me with his quick flow, clever wordplay, and distinct voice. I’m also a huge fan of his miniscule use of autotune. You can hear the autotune meshed with his voice, but it’s not overbearing and it actually compliments his voice really well. His newest track “Wicked West” is an absolute hit, and I’ve been blasting it nonstop all week. I’ve linked the video down below so you guys can blast as well, check it out!


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