Lil Tracy Drops Off A Profound Project Titled, “SINNER”


The Virginia born underground rap legend Lil Tracy releases his highly anticipated album, SINNERPremiering 3 new songs on this 5-track tape, Tracy tells untold stories of his dark past and what he has changed in life for him to prosper both as an artist and as a human being. As the icon begins a new path for success, Tracy is now listened to all over and now on mainstream hip-hop channels and stations. This is groundbreaking for Tracy as he continues to drop insanely crafted content consistently while getting recognized by more and more people (both in the music industry and not) every day for his talent and versatility. On this album you can feel Tracy’s emotions as he spills his thoughts spreading his message speaking to all walks who have dealt problems in their past and inspires others while taking the torch from his beloved lost brother. Check out Lil Tracy‘s new EP SINNER out now and available on all major music streaming platforms.



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