Vince Staples Gives Throwback Feel w/ New Album “FM!”


Ramona Park represent! Vince Staples announced his album a few days ago, and it has finally arrived and has a brand new feel to add to the young rapper’s impressive catalog. The artwork for FM! features a classic design that will remind you of 2000s MTV and the cartoonish vibe that was huge when music videos were a regular on the network, and his music complements it perfectly. The eleven track project is centered around a radio show where Staples brings in some interesting skits, a couple surprise interludes, and energetic bars to bring a different feel for every track. For the interludes, Staples does the entire music scene a solid and blesses us with a snippet from cult legend Earl Sweatshirt, and a club banger from Tyga. It seems like Staples has blended the bars from Summertime 06 and the creative beats from Big Fish Theory perfectly on this new album, and each song has replay ability for any type of setting for his fans. Make sure to check it out below and let us know what you think!



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