Lil Yachty and SSGKobe Link Up For New Smash, “FUK EM”


If there was a most improved player award in Hip-Hop, it would go to Lil Yachty. Since his introduction into the mainstream in 2016, Lil Yachty has always had a style that is uniquely his own, making it a beacon for influence across the melodic rap genre and beyond. Yachty has steadily improved his song making, rap ability and beat selection over time, with albums like Lil Boat 3, Lil Boat 3.5 and Michigan Boat to show for it. In these most recent projects, Yachty’s versatility can be heard through the use of his signature melodic flow, ATL flow and Michigan flow, all over varied beat selection that is either Trap, Hyperpop, Rage, Michigan style, or Pop based. He has shed the “mumble” rapper label which is honestly a cop out for not being able to understand someone else’s music or lyrics, for that of an innovator and one of Hip-Hop’s young OGs. Yachty has brought light to the new sounds of Michigan in addition to collaborating with some of Hip-Hop’s newcomers such as SoFaygo, Ken Carson, and more. Lil Yachty came into the rap game heavily chastised and belittled by people from the older generation and others who did not understand his style. He is now giving off the opposite effect, staying positive and showing love to emerging artists in a way that he did not receive early on in his career. 

Lil Yachty is back on his big homie shit, recruiting one of rap’s rising stars from that buzzing new SoundCloud scene, SSGKobe. The cyberpunk-esq, loop-based and synth heavy production provided by trgc, laid the foundation for Yacthy and Kobe to go off on this track. Yachty came through with a refined version of his melodic flow, showcasing futuristic autotune with a calm demeanor and an effortlessly impactful delivery. SSGKobe came through and absolutely killed his performance, displaying a vibrant and youthful cadence that is undeniably catchy despite the short nature of the verse. JMP claims to have shot this video in only 15 minutes, using one single location! The graffiti, tall buildings and cloudy skies fit perfectly with the song, in tandem with the VHS style visual effects done by Liam BS. Check out Lil Yachty and SSGKobe’s electrifying new visuals for, “FUK EM” below.


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