Rx Papi Drops YEAR0001 Debut EP “Foreign Exchange”


The King of New York is back: Rx Papi has teamed up with Swedish producer and Sad Boys member Gud for a new batch of tracks that marks his debut on famed Nordic label YEAR0001.

Papi‘s style is more streetwise and gritty than most of what’s offered from the Sad Boys collective, but his aggressive raps and bleak imagery are a perfect match for Gud‘s bleary, gray production. Papi screams his way through this record, channeling his frustrations into transcendent songs that constitute masterclasses in storytelling.

Papi‘s recollections of his New York childhood don’t adhere to any traditional narrative techniques. His memories are revealed through shouted fragments, bursts of pure emotion that grab you by the throat and don’t let go. “12 Stout Street,” the record’s unforgettable opener, is a desperate plea for his mother’s love that sets the tone for the EP’s remaining 18 minutes. “N.L.M.B,” the record’s lead single, is another highlight. In meticulous detail, Papi articulates the dangers and pains of New York’s underbelly, his voice distorting more and more with each bar.

Rx Papi is one of the most exciting figures in music, and his new attachment to YEAR0001 has only seemed to open up new sonic opportunities. Stream “Foreign Exchange” down below on Spotify.


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