Lilspirit’s “4ever” Is Breaking The Boundaries Of Modern Pop Music


Internet Money’s lilspirit returns with a youthful single, “4ever”. spirit has built a solid foundation over the past year, dropping cuts that will be stuck in your head for a minute. His latest release, “4ever,” is no different. On this radio-ready track, spirit wears his heart on his sleeve. He describes how he hates someone he used to love and now they can never be together. He seems to have taken influence from the growing hyperpop subgenre but added a flare of pop to create a distinctive blend. Definitely aligning himself with the growing stars of each genre.

The production handled by OVRCZ, Rio Leyva, Nick and Taz, is bombastic yet feels like beautifully controlled chaos, making it quite a unique listen. I’ve always known that lilspirit would be a star and he’s proving any doubters wrong with this new release. Make sure you take a listen to this fire below. 


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