LUCKI and Lil Yachty Stay In A Brilliant Pocket On “Greed”


After teasing the collaboration for the past couple of months Lucki and Lil Yachty have finally released their single “Greed.” It’s their first song together and while it’s Lucki who went to Yachty’s native Atlanta to record the song and shoot the video, it is Yachty who truly places himself in Lucki’s world. Thanks to CardoGotWings’ sparse production they both navigate through the usual fogginess that envelopes Lucki’s sound with ease. 

In under 2 minutes, Yachty‘s able to flex his 50K earrings, his gunmanship and bond with Lucki over their love of high-speed cars—the essential components to being a rapper. “Super charged Tune, they gon’ hear it’s me,” Lucki declares. While the people continue to wait for Flawless Like Me, this track will keep the seat warm. Check out the AMD Visuals-directed video below!


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