Listen to LUCKI’s AR & Plu2o Nash-Produced Record, “Difference”


Shot by Caliber Visuals.

Our guy LUCKI has been a legend for what seems like years now, so to see him still shining and making waves in 2020 is a beautiful sight to see. After dropping Days B4 III and Almost There, the Chicago rapper quickly reasserted himself at the top of the rap game giving us flashbacks of the early 2015, 2016 days.

Tapping in some legendary names on the production side in AR and Plu2o Nash, LUCKI unleashes his latest release, “Difference,” the drug-infused record that is perfect for that late-night smoke session. No telling when LUCKI will drop his next project, although it seems like he’s hinting at one soon, we’ll keep you posted when we do know. Tap in.


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