Undiscovered Gems: Yea Bank Is Another Rising Star Out Of Atlanta, Peep His Newest Effort Entitled “Kisses”


Another day, another Internet Money artist sliding onto the scene with new music. This time around its Yea Bank‘s spotlight. This kid is 21 years old and is another rising star flourishing out of Atlanta. Linking with The Cxdy and Thankyouwill for this infectious new cut called “Kisses”, we hear Bank provide some unbridled brilliance.

The beat is super futuristic, while still feeding that fix for obnoxious bass. Bank knows how to make a smash and it’s pretty evident after these two-minutes and seventeen seconds. It’s only a matter of time before this kid pops off and there’s millions of plays plastered throughout his pages. Until the next wave, tap in with Yea Bank below.


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