Listen To The Newest Project From Dro Kenji “Lost In Here”


If you’re reading this I want you all to go to Dro Kenji‘s Instagram and thank him for dropping some new music. Not only that, he completely surprised everyone too. Surprise project drops tend to be my favorite types of releases because you can go into the listening experience without any expectations. I got to do exactly that with Dro Kenji‘s new project Lost In Here, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

Lost In Here is a follow-up to the Virginia rapper’s previous project from this year titled With Or Without You. This new release highlight’s Kenji‘s range as an artist, with each track emphasizing a different part of his sonic skill-set. Internet Money takes the reigns for production on this project. Nick Mira, Cxdy, Census, and head-honcho Taz Taylor all put their own spin on the project. Some of my favorite tracks off this project are “2HIGH2TELL”, “ONE TIME”, and “STEP BACK” with Mike Dimes. I’ve linked Lost In Here down below, do yourself a favor and check it out!


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