Los Angeles Has Another Incredible Songbird And She Goes By The Name Of Asiahn


Here is a wondrous break from the auto-tuned monotony that has plagued our earth for far too long. Asiahn‘s voice will bring you peace with a soothing sense of warmth that washes over our minds when this collection of music begins. “My World” starts things off with a steady dose of talent, essentially here to blow away your expectations. Following things up with some heavy kicks and bass is the infectious “Gucci Frames” featuring Grandmaster Vic.

“Get Away” slows things down yet again in a magical field of harps enticing our senses. This is also is an other example how top-tier Asiahn‘s range truly is. The tone is so sultry, it raises the hairs on the back of your neck. “Drunk” is aptly-titled because simply we’ve all been here before and it embodies the attitude we all get at the bottom of the bottle. Then it rolls into the past, four hours earlier and last song of the project entitled “Messed Up” featuring Jordan Hawkins. This is where all of the debauchery began, but will leave her fans fiendin for more.

Overall this is a sensual ride, but it still shows that Asiahn is one talented artist to say the very least. We would not be surprised in the slightest if this woman’s music is all over the world soon. Until the next, stream The Interlude in it’s entirety below.


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