TiaCorine Brings Vivid Alternative Waves In Her New Visuals For “Avril Lavigne”


Tia is going to be one of those artists who is here for a while and while she’s at it, classics will arise. Today the topic is the set of visuals for “Avril Lavigne” and you hear a number of soothing styles from this woman. You could say it’s a boarder line hyperpop influence, but her voice isn’t pitched overtly to distort your speakers. Instead, Corine stays in the pocket with an abundance of confidence at bay.

With the direction from Josh Seidman, these frames aren’t too over-the-top. They paint the music in a stellar light, without doing too much to distract the viewer. Thoroughly impressed with what we’re witnessing, even already into such an early part of her career. It’s only a matter of time until Tia is in the spotlight, so until the next, peep the gas below.


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