Malik Elijah Is A Different Breed Of Talent, Peep His New Visuals For “DONTPLAY”


There are very few platforms that continue to premiere music because it’s a pretty cut and dry co-sign. These other sites are afraid to put their necks out to help artists along the way, instead, they just move on to the next trend. At Daily Chiefers we approach things a bit differently and we’ve been doing so for over ten years.

Malik Elijah and Creator K hit me with a preview for this video a few weeks back and I was blown after from the start of the clip to the finish. K handled shots, direction, and editing, allowing Elijah to stay in the pocket and deliver the sermon. Yes, this is a bit boom bapish, but if we’re gonna stamp it you know it’s valid.

Malik is a new type of wordsmith who understands what the modern music listener wants. He delivers an energetic approach to vocals every time he laces instrumentation and it feels genuine that he loves making art. Overall this one is something special so get tapped into the gas below.


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