Friday Heat Check: IGWE AKA, Unusual Demont, Moneybagg Yo, and More!


Don’t Need A Soul by IGWE AKA

IGWE AKA has created my new favorite song with “Don’t Need A Soul”. It’s the perfect combination of indie and hip-hop. I find the hook irrefutable, and the lyricism is stupendous. The visuals are well excited and clean. I love the warm color correction and great shots with the balloons. All in all, this is an excellent record!

Maybe Not by Unusual Demont

“Maybe not” is the summer banger that we needed. Confused over a particular love interest, we find Demont battling himself. The production is light and airy, making the whole record feel like a summer’s day! This is going to be the song of the summer, in my opinion!

See What I’m Saying by Moneybagg Yo

Moneybagg Yo is one of my favorite rappers, and when he drops, it’s always an occasion. “See What I’m Saying” is a testament to what Moneybagg is seeing, and he’s not happy—talking about dudes having less money than their baby mommas and people switching sides. I’m seeing what he’s saying in this song.

True Love by Kanye Ft (XXXTENTACION)

You know I need to tap in two revolutionary artists on one record. This record has been highly anticipated, and it’s worth the wait! Kanye gives some killer verse that is placed between a beautiful XXXTENTACION  hook. It’s a track that I think will have a prolonged impact on the current climate.

Chicken by Daniel Price

We’ve had some time to sit with “Chicken” by The Daniel Price. By now, you should know that this is a certified hit! That being the case, the music video just dropped, and it emphasizes that point even more. I’m the visuals Price is running around like a mad am with blood all over his face! The shots are memorable, and the story he’s telling is masterful! I love this rollout!

Flood by Maeko

Maeko has been making waves in the indie scene and is one of my favorite artists in Boston. The consistency is crazy, and “Flood” adds to the long run! We get some shimmering instrumentation and his unique vocal delivery. I’m excited about his upcoming project; so much great music on the way!

Green Light by Merlyn Woods

Brockhampton’s Merlyn Woods is making moves despite the group coming to an end. “Green Light” showcases his star potential and creativity in ways we have never seen. We get bouncy production and some zany vocal delivery from Woods on the record. An animated music video complements the song; that’s very upbeat and fun to watch. I’m excited to see what he does, and hopefully, we will get a project soon!


“Again” is a fantastic take on pop punk! KDVSGOLIATH gives some of his best vocal performances to date on the song. The chorus on this song is immaculate; it is honestly one of the best things I’ve heard all week. The production is punchy and uptempo, making it an easy song to groove to. Run this track-up!

AirHead by Wes Patrick

HIT! This song is a motherfucking hit! As soon as I hit play on this record, I knew that it was something special. “Airhead” is a record that will honestly be stuck in your head for weeks. The sweet rhythm guitars and Wes Patricks’ extraordinary delivery; its a great combination. The hook on the song is a master class in making something people can sing along to.



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