Malik Elijah Returns With His Soon To Be Classic Mixtape “SONIT”


Malik Elijah is vastly overlooked and let’s be honest, who the fuck even knows why. The music is some of the best of this new era of lyricists and we’ve established that this man has a lethal pen. However, what blows me away about Elijah is that he is genuinely developing with his sound. Many rappers fall into this matrix of only being focused on being the best with their wordplay while missing out on making great songs. We know you can rap, but can you make me stick around with some melodies and choruses to sweeten the deal?

Malik does just that with SONIT. Songs like “WWYD” and “SKYVIEW” astound me to the point you have to add in the personal rotation. There are of course still poignant punchlines as usual, but both of those cuts meld memorable choruses and great lyrics. Elijah‘s songwriting as a whole has evolved since his last drop. With a strong feature from Wakai on “Yah” there isn’t much this EP doesn’t possess. Truly a magnificent wave of identity and creativity blended into one. Malik Elijah deserves your ear, so give it for a moment, you won’t leave disappointed.


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