Malik Elijah’s Mixtape “Detour” Is A Breath Of Fresh Air


Malik premiered his video for “DONTPLAY” with us about a month back and he returns to our pages with his triumphant sophomore mixtape called Detour. Elijah is one of those artists who can tip-toe around many sub-genres, but he moves with confidence atop anything he chooses to preach over. With production from Rilla Force, Jay Cass, A.N.T., ROTO, Ronny Fuego, Mike Lowry and SpaceshipShad, pristine instrumentation shouldn’t ever be in question.

And neither is the wondrous wordplay Elijah gifts us. “CANTHIDE” is a personal favorite because of the smooth croons that our main character counters with his confident-toned raps. “BLACKMADISON” entrances the ear and carries your worries to be dealt with another day. And a common theme that needs to be noted is Elijah‘s breath control, it’s really nothing to be overlooked. To carry each of these synonyms and cadences overall while sounding stoic is wild.

With features from Issac Zale, Nuke Franklin, Meme Musicc, Wakai, Kipp Stone, Uni, and MARCO PLUS, this mixtape is a full house of diverse talent. We think Malik is gonna go far with his styling because his team is stellar and the music is great. A focused mind can do a lot in this world, so get to it and peep the gas below.


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