Friday Heat Check: Steve Lacy, Omar Apollo, Seddy Hendrinx, and More!


Sunshine By Steve Lacy (ft Fousheé)

Steve Lacy has been 3 for 3 with all the singles leading up to his latest project Gemini Rights. “Sunshine” is a more neo-soul experience than anything else! I find that when Steve gets in this bag, it’s his good comfort area. Fousheé is an excellent addition to the record and gives the record a true dynamic quality.

Blu Skies by Anai, Blake Davis, Blank Face Villian, G.King, Jstro, TheLoveofppl

“Blu Skies” is a lovely collab record akin to a posse cut. However, that being said, it’s more dynamic than just a bunch of people rapping over a beat. This has motion from singing to rapping, and it feels very airy. It makes me smile when I hear it! I love how cohesive everyone is on the song, and I suggest you check out the whole project!

I’m back by Yung Mono (ft WayneTaylorGang, Jusst AL, TCM Optic)

Atlanta’s Yung Mono makes a statement on his latest release, “I’m back”. Giving us bars about being back in action and on-go mode. On the record, he brings along collaborators that enhance the song by providing unique perspectives and styles. Show some love to this track.

Archetype by Omar Apollo

Following his masterful project Ivory, Omar Apollo blesses us with “Archetype”. What stands out to me on this record is the drum patterns because, at times, they feel so funky. Omar gives some personal lyrics about waiting on someone, and he shows off that beautiful falsetto. This is an excellent follow-up to his project, deluxe coming soon.

Groovy by Seddy Hendrinx (ft Fivio Foreign)

If you want something that has some bump, “Groovy” is the record for you. Seddy Hendrinx floats all over the beat, and it’s honestly so wavy. I also love the engineering on the pre-chorus, the vocal processing wasn’t to be expected, and it adds so much. However, I feel as if Fivio didn’t give his all on this guest appearance. I thought he could have stepped up and made this record an absolute smash.

Be Mine by Boy Pablo

Boy Pablo is back with a lush soundscape on “Be Mine”. Combing Spanish and English, he finds himself singing about being in love. I love how happy this song makes me! It’s just upbeat and beautiful! This is a song for the books!


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