Material Girl Is Curating Their Own Wave With These Brilliant Self-Titled Demos


Material Girl is one of those collective that I have the utmost faith in musically. Not only from a production standpoint, but as far as their songwriting and performing as well. The ability to deliver unique stylings while staying true to their roots is something I applaud this group for. Including Rossi Blue, Daniel Hex, Loudy Luna, Jay Cribbs, Lex Lander and Thibault, Material Girl is truly the future of music.

In these 13 prolific cuts, we hear a rich variety of lush vocals, all accompanied incredible production. You hear rugged bass and kicks, melded over synthetic ambiance. These cuts transcend the barriers of genre. There’s an abundance of Pop, Alternative, Rock and Rap influence flowing through these songs. “Do Me Like That” features distorted vocals from Loudy Luna, the first lady of Material Girl. She is primarily known for her production, but is blossoming into a great artist overall. “By Any Means” also adds to her melodic prowess, showing she can croon with the best of them.

“Made 2” features Rossi Blue and Daniel Hex‘s intoxicating, smokey tone on the chorus. Rossi, like the others members of MG, is not one track minded. He can sing, rap and produce whatever style imaginable. “What You Thought” features Rossi‘s uncommon tone atop booming bass handled by himself and Thibault.

Jay Cribbs, one of the founding members of MG, is a huge part of the instrumentation for these six creatives. His style is relatively dark and spacey, but he can switch it up at the drop of a hat. Thibault builds off the¬†energy the collective provides and pushes the boundaries with his beats, like on “Do Me Like That”. Even though certain members may get their shine at different times, the talent and respect is equal throughout each of these maestros.

These are apparently just the throwaways and that should be scary to the competition. The only outside feature on here is from frequent collaborator, Freshie, who always snaps whenever he speaks. Overall, you have to appreciate the fact these six gifted us products that aren’t even finished yet. They already sound sick, but the imperfections entice the ear even more. The wave is coming, don’t get washed away and we’ll talk to you soon.


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