Vancouver’s Boslen Takes Us Back To Class In These Vivid Frames For “Lightspeed”


Boslen is a rising artist coming out of Vancouver, and he’s doing a wondrous job melding melodies. Two balance out the somewhat-sung chords, this kid can actually break things down into a stellar cadence. And to the trained ear, it’s quite easy to differentiate those trying too hard, as opposed to those who can do it with effortless grace.

Boslen floated over this production from NXSTY, gifting the viewers with an auditory setting of pristine quality. Instead of keeping this low-budget and basic, these frames take us back to school into a chaotic blur of education. Directed by Kit Weyman, the shots are very solid and it paints Boslen in a vivid light. We’re thoroughly impressed by this kid and what he brings to the table. Stay tuned for more Boslen, and peep the gas below.


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