Mbm Vell Links Up With BabySantana And Zayskillz For “Lets Get It Den”


I’ve said it once and I can’t say it enough, the youth are taking over. Soundcloud has been the birthplace of some of the coldest rappers around today. I feel like Soundcloud is the platform where you either find artists that all sound the same, or you find artists that are making waves and pushing the music culture forward. This trio is definitely part of the latter.

“Lets Get It Den” is a high energy, super-catchy single that allows Mbm Vell, Babysantana, and Zayskillz to all incorporate their own sound and energy into the track. Each artist brings their own unique spin on their respective verses, and they complement each other very well. Production by Zayskillz is phenomenal as always. A bouncy beat with heavy drums and some dark hues complements all 3 of the artist’s verses. This track is super fire and definitely worth a listen, check it out down below!


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