Texas Boyz Drop One Of The Songs Of The Summer “Awready”


I can’t stress how much I love Houston. It’s where I was born, spent the majority of my life, and really found my love for hip-hop and music in general. It’s always great to find Houston talent making waves and pushing the culture forward in the city. Texas Boyz has been doing just that. The group just released their newest single “Awready” and I can tell that this will be a track that takes over the summer!

“Awready” is a southern hip-hop classic. The production is simple yet phenomenal, and provides the listener with that down-home, southern bounce. You’ll definitely be head-bopping all the way through this track. Bars are also great. The first bar of the track is “I might need a grocery bag cuz my pockets filled with all lettuce”. When I heard that I already knew this track would be a hit. The bars from the Texas Boyz are very memorable and extremely catchy. This track is a 10/10 for me, I would definitely recommend checking it out. I’ve linked “Awready” down below, do yourself a favor and tap in.


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