Memoria XI’s Modern Love Story In “Bonnie & Clyde”


With Valentine’s day right around the corner, I think it’s appropriate to adhere to the theme of love (or lack thereof). You’d imagine with a voice like his, Hyattsville, Maryland-native, Memoria XI, would have no problem finding a soul mate, a ride or die, or a Bonnie to his Clyde. Well, he tells us all about it in his new, aptly-titled springtime anthem.

Atop a blissful guitar instrumental, Memoria XI uses his semi-distorted vocals and a catchy hook to entice his listeners into feeling something a little deeper. He repeats in the hook that he messed up by letting her into his life, even though he felt like they had a connection. Inspired by artists like XXXTENTACION and Juice WRLD, Memoria keeps it authentic with himself and his fans throughout his discography. Making music wasn’t always on his radar though:

“I was just some skinny kid with glasses, no one expected me to do [music] but I was self motivated”

Make sure you tune into Memoria XI and show your friends so they know you’re still the most tapped-in in your circle. 


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