Nardo Wick Sounds Devilish on “Who Want Smoke?”


Nardo Wick has recently undergone a massive explosion in popularity with his new single “Who Want Smoke?”. This single has gone viral and deserves all of the support it has been getting. On this record, Nardo fiendishly chants, “Who wants smoke with me? I’m trying to fuck a n*ggas lungs up”. I believe everything Nardo has to say on this track as I was hanging onto every word without hesitation. The furious rapping is matched with an equally as ominous beat with chattering hi-hats. This is music to get active too. 

Attached to this single is a music video that perfectly encapsulates the ethos of the track. Gun-toting and rocking ski masks, they are easily not the guys you want to have any smoke with. My favorite part of the visuals is when Nardo begins stomping, and it matches the beat. I thought this was a creative addition to the video and gave the production choice a new life. Check out the video below if you’re ready to get active. 


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