Midwxst Links Up with Overcast for the Insatiable Visuals for “Trying”


17-Year-old Indiana Native Midwxst has finally given us a video for his smash record “trying”. I’ve been listening to this track since it was released in 2020 and was hoping to see a music video for it. “trying” is an ode to being stabbed in the back by fake friends and not having full trust in the people around you. The melodic flow Midwxst spits compliment the heavy Sophie-esq production choices. This track is one of my favorite hyper-pop records of all time. 

Overcast handles the creative direction of the music video, and it’s one of their best. During the calmer parts of the record, you see Midwxst sitting in a scenery field. However, when the harsher elements are introduced, the shots become more chaotic. Midwxst is drowned and has red beams on him; it feels like a scene from a plethora of action movies. I think this video is super wavy, and you guys have to check it as well! 


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