Midwxst Stunts In EP “Back In Action”


Booming artist Midwxst stunts in this EP, Back In Action. With this new generation of artists coming up, they are all making their own sound and Midwxst’s sound is one that catches people’s ears without a doubt. Having such a unique beat selection, the way that he flows over each one is so captivating.

Giving us 8 tracks with features from BabySantana, ericdoa, Slump6s, and Ka$hdami offers this diversity and shows that Midwxst can make a hit with anyone or alone. The confidence shines through with each lyric and you can tell that every song has so much passion and energy put into it. Midwxst is here to stay for a while and is at the forefront of this new sound, give Back In Action a listen. 


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